What's the difference between the different kinds of Standard/Supporter tickets?

The difference is how much you're supporting NixCon to be as great as possible. With more money we can do more cool things, get better equipment and arrange a better conference.

Any surplus will either go towards the next NixCon, NixOS community events or be donated to the NixOS Foundation.

Is hotel included in the ticket price?

No, hotel is not included. We have worked with Marriott to provide discounted prices for Nixcon.


What is the Hackday about? What will people be hacking on?

The Hackday is a self-organizing event after the conference.

It's an opportunity to network, hack on projects and ideas that arose during the conference and discuss plans for the rest of the year.

There will be a number of projects ranging from beginner to expert. A few example projects from previous years are:

Of course you are welcome to bring your own projects/ideas!

I can't pay by credit card

Contact us at [email protected] and we can sort something out.